(1) Sound Upbringing of Children and Juveniles
We want children and juveniles to know the pleasure of playing outside through playing Onigokko. We also hope that through playing Onigokko, they develop into optimistic, spirited, and healthy adults and become active in various fields and become vibrant individuals in society.

(2) Enhancing Communication Skills of Children and Juveniles
We believe that Onigokko can enhance children’s communication skills by giving them chances to interact with others of different ages or backgrounds, through speaking to or discussing tactics together.

(3) Creating Playing Opportunities for Children Who Are Not Good at Physical Activities
Onigokko is a simple game. It can be enjoyed in a lighthearted manner even by children who don’t have many chances to exercise. Also, it can make children who are not good at physical activities understand the teamwork, enjoyment, and exhilaration involved in sports.

(4) Development of Children’s originality and ingenuity
Onigokko is a sport. In other words, it involves competition. That makes children think hard about “how to win” and develops their originality and ingenuity.

1.Regional Activation
Onigokko is a sport where children and young parents interact with others. We believe that this leads to greater community interaction.

2. Infant-child Education
Onigokko enhances communication skills, ingenuity, and athletic abilities of children in a fun manner. Children learn to place importance on teamwork and express themselves through playing Onigokko because of its characteristics as a team sport. Also, Onigokko can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of one’s athletic ability, gender, or age.

3. Integrated Sport
Onigokko covers the basics of various sports. Since it can be played without any special equipment, one can train his/her crisscross footwork, flexible swerving, or running without stress. Onigokko can also be used as a training menu for other team sports.

4. Trigger for International Interaction
Onigokko, like any team sport, can be used as a way to interact internationally or as a way to communicate between people from different backgrounds. It can let players feel connected through non-verbal communication.

5. Business Training
We offer Onigokko to develop world-class human resources. Onigokko enhances one’s communication skills, encourages teamwork, and trains strategic thinking not by theoretical study but by actual physical activity.

6. Spouse Hunting
In Japan, Onigokko is also considered to be a great way to meet a future spouse. It encourages natural communication and brings a sense of togetherness among players through both talking and physical contact.