Onigokko is a team sport. Two teams of seven players each try to score by taking a “treasure” away from the “T (=treasure) area” of the opposing team. The game is played on a 15m-by-25m (16.5 yard-by 27.3 yard) rectangular field, and there is a “T” area at each end. The field is divided into two halves with a line at halfway. There are also “S (=safety) areas” in the four corners of the field.

1. When a team takes away the “treasure” of the opposing team, it gets 1 point.   The treasure is immediately replaced to allow attacking players to tally up more   points.

2. Each team defends their treasure from the opposing team while trying to get the  treasure of the opposing team.

3. When a player tags an opponent player, the player has to use both his/her    hands.

4. When a player tags an opponent player, he/she can’t push or hit the player.

5. A player cannot enter the “T” area of his/her own team.

6. When a player crosses the halfway line, to enter the opposing team’s half,     he/she can be tagged by an opposing player. When he/she is tagged, he/she   must leave the field immediately. The player then returns to the “S” area of     his/her own team and starts playing the game again. An attacking player cannot  be tagged in his/her own half of the field. Also, he/she can go back into his/her  own half for safety.

7. When a player gets inside the “T” area of the opposing team, an opposing player cannot tag him/her.

☆Length of a Game
A game has two halves, with a halftime of 2 minutes. Each half is 5 minutes long. Also, each team can have one “time-out” of 1minute.

☆Number of Players
There must be no more than 12 players on the field of play for either team.
The minimum number of players is usually 7.

The Onigokko game requires one chief referee, two assistant referees, and a time keeper.